Method Statement from PhotoTheatre


• Photographer

• Assistant

• Imac/Prints operator


The PhotoTheatre footprint is 3m height x 4m width x 3m depth and is free standing, requiring one 13amp mains.

The photo backdrop is fireproof and furniture and props are placed in the foreground. After building our PhotoTheatre set we invite guests onto the set.

The guests are choreographed into a pose by our photographer, who gets the them to interact with each other along with the hand held props.

After the photos are taken, the guests hand back the props and are invited to view the photos on the iMac adjacent to the set.

No drunk guests are allowed on set due health and safety concerns and potential damage to the set and props.

The set is temporarily closed should any guests break props, backdrop or glass on the set.

All equipment is under warranty and PAT tested.


• Nikon camera

• 2-3 low powered flash lights

• Printer

• iPad

• iMac

• Desktop light

• Extension cables

We use professional low tact gaffer tape (as approved by National Portrait Gallery)

See attached Public Liability and insurance documents

Public Liability and Insurance Documents

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